Mindful Meetups

Creating Communities of Meditation Practice

Millions of people around the world are discovering the power of meditation to rewire their minds, hearts, and bodies to support well-being. But changing decades-old habits of judgement and distraction can take years of diligent practice. And taking time to pause with a regular meditation practice can be difficult, particularly in these fast-moving times; harder still is going this journey alone. That's why practitioners and travelers across cultures and centuries have lived by the old African proverb - If you want to go far, go together. We hope you can find some fellow travelers here.

Mindful Meetups can:

  • Help you find a practice group in your neighborhood, publicize your existing group, or get you started creating your own if there isn't one yet nearby.
  • Offer guidance on starting and facilitating a meditation group
    • Tried and true guidelines and group formats to assist new and seasoned meditation facilitators with their responsibilities.
    • Guidelines for group participation: giving space, active listening vs giving advice; confidentiality, and more.
    • Sustaining mindfulness studies between meetings, including resources and online recordings for home use.
    • Suggestions for overcoming obstacles; clarifying a group’s focus through constructive dialogue; resetting and reenergizing a groups’ practice goals.
  • Connect you with other mindfulness group leaders for support.